Russell Brand ‘taking driving lessons’

Russell Brand is apparently taking driving lessons to be able to drive independently without new wife Katy Perry. The 35-year-old comedian is fed up of asking Katy to chauffeur him around Los Angeles. “He wants to be an independent husband. He is taking lessons daily,” the Sun quoted a source as saying. An onlooker who

James Earl Jones Vanessa Redgrave Cast In Broadway’s “Driving Miss Daisy”

Theater veterans James Earl Jones and Vanessa Redgrave have been cast in the lead roles in the Broadway adaptation of the Oscar-winning 1989 drama Driving Miss Daisy.The story follows an elderly, widowed Jewish woman of 72, Daisy Werthan, living in mid-20th-century Atlanta. Daisy’s son hires an endearing African-American man, Hoke Colburn, to serve as her

Ashley Greene Driving Neighborhood (And Assistant) To The Dogs

Resident in Ashley Greene’s North Hollywood enclave are thisclose to hauling the Twilight hottie into court over her yet-to-be housebroken toy fox terrier, Marlow. When the pooch isn’t terrorizing the hood with incessant barking, he’s leaving messes all over the building– to the chagrin of Ashley’s long-suffering assistant.“The other tenants are at their wits’ end

Actor Chris Klein arrested for drunken driving

Actor Chris Klein was arrested early Wednesday morning on charges of driving under the influence of alcohal in Los Angeles. The media reports say that the American Pie and Just Friends actor was spotted driving his car in crisscross manner on the highway. The actor was under custody when his black Chevrolet Blazer was seen