Julia Roberts’ “Eat Pray Love” Upsets Catholics

Julia Roberts thinks her Eat Pray Love heroine Elizabeth Gilbert is an “amazing woman.” Sadly for Everyone’s Favorite “Pretty Woman,” religious film buffs weren’t as impressed with Roberts’ performance in Columbia Pictures’ box office interpretation of the best-selling memoir.The Washington-based Catholic News Service (CNS), the world’s oldest religious news wire, is giving the film a

Julia Roberts ‘loved every pound’ she gained for ‘Eat Pray Love’

‘Pretty Woman’ star Julia Roberts has revealed she loved every pound she gained due to the ‘eat’ portion of her latest movie ‘Eat Pray Love.’ Directed by Glee’s Ryan Murphy, the movie is based on the best-selling memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert. At a press conference for the film in Bardessono hotel in California’s Napa Valley,

Julia Roberts gained weight while shooting ‘Eat Pray Love’

Actress Julia Roberts has revealed that she has gained weight while shooting for her new drama ‘Eat Pray Love’ in Italy, as she refused to spit out bites of food when the director called cut. Roberts even confessed that while shooting scenes in Rome, she couldn”t resist tucking in to hearty plates of pizza and

Julia Roberts and Robert Pattison Have Something in Common

Do you see something common between Julia Roberts and Robert Pattison? Probably it is the opening of Eclipse. Actually, no, as the Oscar-winner did not shoot in the third installment of the Twilight franchise. But wait…
A new add for her much buzzed  Eat Pray Love is going to run during showings of Eclipse. Dede Gardner,

Nic Cage Will Only Eat Animals Who Have “Dignified” Sex

Pigs and cows frolicking on farms across this great nation will rest easier tonight knowing that their hinds are safe from the stomach of a Hollywood hasbeen. Nicolas Cage — who blew a multimillion dollar fortune on dinosaur skulls and odd crypts — has reached a new level of weirdness; he only eats creatures who