Al Pacino’s ‘Scarface’ gun expected to fetch £100K at auction

The machine-gun used by Al Pacino”s gangster character in ‘Scarface’ is set to go under the hammer. The little machine, M-16A1, is expected to fetch a whooping 100,000 pounds at the US auction. Gun owner Kevin Martin said Pacino was persistent on using a real gun – but it has been made safe, reports the

Fans Expected To Descend On Forest Lawn Cemetery For Michael Jackson Tribute

Officials at star-studded Hollywood cemetery Forest Lawn says it welcomes Michael Jackson fans for the one-year anniversary of his death this Friday, but there will be some restrictions in place to preserve the sanctity of the grounds. After all, this is an eternal resting place.MJ fans will be allowed to leave flowers near the singer’s burial

Susan Boyle Rapper Duet Expected On Sophomore Album

Susan Boyle may duet with a noted — yet unidentified — hip-hop artist on her forthcoming sophomore album, an industry tattle divulged to London’s Sunday Mirror newspaper over the weekend. The Scottish spinster — who shot to fame last year on the UK TV smash Britain’s Got Talent — is reportedly being lined up by