Rajat Gupta takes leave from his PE firm

Amid charges of insider trading by US regulators, Rajat Gupta, former Indian-American director of Goldman Sachs Group has taken a leave of absence from a $1.4 billion private-equity firm he co-founded. Gupta voluntarily took the leave to “avoid any distraction and ensure New Silk Route’s continued focus on the execution of its investment strategy,” the

Hair extensions firm sues Paris Hilton for $35m

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton has been sued for 35 million dollars by a hair extension company that has claimed she signed a multi-million dollar contract to use and promote their fake locks and then totally shunned them causing 35,000,000 dollars in damages. Hilton got just over 3.5 million dollars since agreeing to become the spokesperson

The Salahis Sued By PR Firm

Real Housewife stars and White House Gatecrashers Tareq and Michaele Salahi were served with a $15,000 lawsuit at their Bravo-hosted premiere party in Washington last week.The famelovin’ twosome are being sued by PR firm BWF, who claims the couple never paid them more than $15,000 after hiring them to promote America’s Polo Cup in 2008. “It