Faceboook Founder Mark Zuckerberg “60 Minutes” Interview Dec. 5

Sunday on 60 Minutes: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in his first interview since the release of The Social Network, the feature film about him and the creation of his social networking empire that’s already generating Oscar buzz for Justin Timberlake. In an interview with CBS’ Lesley Stahl, Zuckerberg will talk about the controversial movie, which

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Comic Book

He created one of the web’s most buzzed-about guilty pleasures, amassed an empire worth $7 billion, and is the subject of a new movie about his rise to fame and fortune. So it’s only natural that a comic book biography is the next step in the Pop Culture Evolution of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.On Monday, publisher

Facebook founder to guest-star on ”The Simpsons”

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is all set to make his acting debut with a season 22 episode of ”The Simpsons.” According to a New York Magazine ”Vulture” report, Zuckerberg plays the entrepreneurial role model for Lisa Simpson in the episode titled ”Loan-A Lisa.” Zuckerberg”s voice performance has already been taped. “I”m not sure which episode

“Girls Gone Wild” Founder Joe Francis Engaged To Wed CBS News’ Christina

While Paris Hilton is heating up the Google searches this Friday for smoking the ganja out in South Africa, her pot-smokin’ chum Joe Francis is in the headlines for an entirely different reason. The Girls Gone Wild founder — who never met an inebriated twentysomething he didn’t want to disrobe and exploit — is getting