Google planning ‘radical’ new Chrome browser

google chrome.jpg45Software developers working on Google’s popular Chrome browser are testing “radical” changes to its appearance. Sources close to the company said the address bar currently takes up a significant amount of space that could be used for web browsing. One plan being considered would mean it was only visible when users made their mouse pointer

Google opens online store for Android users

google1In an effort to compete with the rival Apple in the wireless sector, search engine giant Google has launched a new online store of advanced software applications that run on mobile phones powered by Android software. Google’s new online store,, will allow Android users find new applications more easily from their computers, see recommendations

Google launches virtual tour of world’s finest museums

google21Google is harnessing its controversial Street View technology to take you on a virtual tour of the world’s finest museums, from the comfort of your home. The search giant even claims its Art Project tours are better than the real thing, with one exhibit in each location available in a high-resolution image that goes beyond

Google, Twitter offer Egyptians Speak to Tweet

google twitterHoping to circumvent the blackout of the internet and social networking in Egypt, Google and Twitter announced a new service Tuesday that allows anyone to send tweets over the phone. People can use the service by leaving a voicemail at one of three international numbers (+16504194196 or +390662207294 or +97316199855). The service will instantly tweet

Google corrects faulty maps of Nicaragua, Costa Rica

Google Maps is correcting its faulty maps of Nicaragua and Costa Rica after becoming the culprit in the latest border dispute between the two Central American countries. According to the Daily Mail, Google”s Charlie Hale admitted Google had made a mistake and assured readers it would be fixed as soon as possible. He said: “We

Kim Zolciak Google Ode [“Google Me” Song]

Another Real Housewife Murders the Hits! CAUTION: Sheer Pop Trainwreck Ahead! The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kim Zolciak -– who has already treated the world to the boy bar pop classic “Tardy for the Party” — has done it again with “Google Me,” an ode to the search engine giant which leaked to the Interwebs on