Fantasia Abortion Bombshell Rocks Lover’s Custody Hearing

Who needs The Young & The Restless when we’ve got the Life & Times of Fantasia’s Vagina? The scandal-scarred former American Idol is once again staring in the eyes of controversy after confessing in open court that she aborted a child conceived with her married former lover during the height of a tabloid furor over

Lindsay Lohan gives lame excuses to the court

Lindsay Lohan creates headache to the judiciary by not making her performance at the review hearing. She gives lame excuses for not appearing the court.
The most recent excuse is that she lost her passport at the Cannes Film Festival and that she has already reserved for the trip. This is not been approved by the

Screaming fans making Robert Pattinson deaf

British actor Robert Pattinson is worried his screaming fans will make him deaf.
The 23-year-old has revealed that he already suffers serious hearing difficulties, which are being made worse by the shriek of his obsessed female followers.
“I”m almost completely deaf anyway. So I”m worried. I”m very worried,” the Sun quoted him as saying.