LeAnn Rimes Breast Implants

Hmmm…notice anything different about LeAnn? Us Weekly tattles claim the cunning country starlet recently invested in a new pair of knockers to match her pretty new engagement ring from her equally-sleazy fiance Eddie Cibrian. The “Blue” singer, 28, has been in the headlines quite a bit since getting engaged to the former CSI: Miami actor,

Did Christina Aguilera get breast implants?

Christina AguileraChristina Aguilera has once again sparked rumours of going under the knife. A scar under her arm was apparently spotted when she waved to her fans a press conference for her new film, ”Burlesque,” in Tokyo, reports the Daily Mail. The small line could be the result of a transaxillary endoscopic breast augmentation- a breast

Christina Aguilera Breast Implants?

Why, Christina Aguilera! What have you been doing to your natural divine chest region? Aguilera’s chest has inflated along with her bank balance throughout the years. The pint-sized powerhouse and soon-to-be divorcee has never confirmed or denied going under the knife, however when waving to fans at a Tokyo press conference for new flick Burlesque

Heidi Montag tries to keep her implants ‘soft’ with regular breast massages

Heidi Montag took to Twitter to tell fans about her daily routine for keeping her infamous breast implants ‘soft.’ The former reality star spent Tuesday morning getting reacquainted with her breast implants, which she famously had redone when she went under the knife in November 2009. “Giving my self a soft tissue breast massage,” Usmagazine.com

Urkel Actor Jaleel White Cleared Of Attacking Baby Mama’s Implants

He did not do that! Jaleel White, best known for his portrayal of über-geek Steve Urkel on the 1990s sitcom Family Matters, has been cleared of domestic abuse charges.Police in Los Angeles say there is not enough evidence to charge White, 33, with punching ex-girlfriend Bridget Hardy in one of her breast implants in front of