Aniston’s fragrance inspired by friends

jennifer aniston5Actress Jennifer Aniston says she found it easy to create her own fragrance as she drew inspiration from her near and dear ones. The actress and her friends have a long standing tradition of creating perfumes for each other to wear on their wedding day and she admitted her debut scent “Jennifer Aniston” evolved from

Akshay’s ‘Patiala House’ role inspired by Monty Panesar

akshay kumar 597891000In his next film “Patiala House”, Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar will be seen essaying a role which has been inspired by England cricket team’s Sikh member Monty Singh Panesar. Panesar is the first Sikh to join England cricket team and the spinner is a crowd favourite. Panesar’s parents migrated there from Punjab. In “Patiala House”,

NBC Plotting ’60s TV Drama Inspired By “Mad Men”

NBC is developing a serial drama set in 1960s inspired by Playboy bunnies, hot on the heels of the multi-Emmy-winning success of AMC’s nostalgic drama Mad Men. It’s not difficult to picture the meeting where network executives sat around stroking their beards and asking themselves: “How can we rip-off Mad Men… but make it sexier?”

Danish actor who inspired Belgian cartoonist to create ‘Tintin’ dies

Danish actor Palle Huld, who is apparently the inspiration behind Belgian cartoonist’s creation ‘Tintin’, has died at the age of 98. Huld died on November 26 in a retirement home in Copenhagen. The cause of death has not been mentioned. In 1928, he won a competition organised by Danish newspaper that wanted to send a

Pink Baby Name Inspired By Whiskey!

Some expectant parents consult their religious faiths when selecting a baby name. Others consult the pages of their favorite childhood bedtime stories. Of course, if you’re Grammy winner Pink, the perfect moniker for your soon-to-be bundle of joy is as close as the nearest liquor cabinet! The “So What” star, 31, who just completed the

Billy Joel “Uptown Girl” Inspired By Elle Macpherson, Not Christie

Billy Joel was in love with a catwalkin’ “Uptown Girl” — just not the one we were thinking of! A new book claims The Piano Man’s hit ’80s song “Uptown Girl” was about Australia supermodel Elle Macpherson, not blonde catwalker — and eventual Mrs. Joel –Christie Brinkley. Brinkley, who starred in the music video and