Simon Cowell Inspires American Baby Names

The Meanest Man Across the Pond is a big inspiration for baby names on this side of the Atlantic. Music mogul Simon Cowell is so popular Stateside that Americans are now naming their tots after The X Factor judge, sources at the Social Security Administration (SSA) tell The Daily Star. It seems the biblical name,

“General Hospital” Character Damian Spinelli Inspires New Novel

A novel inspired by one of the popular characters featured on ABC’s longrunning daytime drama General Hospital will arrive on booksellers’ shelvers this April, Hyperion Publishers announced earlier this month. The Secret Life of Damian Spinelli, featuring Port Charles’ own Damian Spinelli, is expected to go on sale April 5, just in time to coincide

“Weekend At Bernie’s” Inspires Southern Dance Craze

Those of us old enough to remember when people wore fanny packs and New Wave pop ruled the Billboard charts look back on the late ’80s comedy Weekend at Bernie’s with a chuckle and smile. But for some film fans (namely rappers….), the 1989 hit — about a pair of insurance salesmen (Andrew McCarthy, Jonathan

Kylie Minogue Inspires New Paris Hilton Album

The next time you’re cruising down the Interstate having your ears molested by the sound of Paris Hilton screeching over an obnoxious techno beat, just blame Australian songbird Kylie Minogue.Paris just can’t seem to get Kylie “outta her head.” So much so – she’s ripped some of her steez for her new album. New vocal

Vampire Phenomenon Inspires Biting Trend Among Teens

Is biting the new hickey? Bloodsucking-themed phenomenons, including Stephenie Meyer’s vampire epic The Twilight Saga and the HBO drama True Blood, have spawned a tween obsession with all things vampire, from makeup to clothing — and now even biting, experts say. That’s right, biting.According to a new report, since vampire mania took The Tween Scene by

Julia Roberts” new film inspires meditation tours to India

Julia Roberts” much-anticipated new movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ has inspired tour planners to offer a package that gives travellers a chance to dine in Italy, meditate in India and fall in love with Bali. Roberts recreates author Elizabeth Gilbert”s year-long cultural and spiritual trip to India, Italy and Bali in the movie, reports the Daily