“Jersey Shore” Online Game & Snooki iPhone App Will Premiere This Week

A new online game will allow GTLers to be part of MTV’s controversial vodka-soaked soap Jersey Shore, the network said Monday.A Jersey Shore online game and separate iPhone application are being released as the MTV hit reality series returns to the tube for a second season this Thursday night at 10 PM. The new season

Verizon’s iPhone Droid X shown on its website

After speculation about it, Verizon has finally come out with its new Motorola-made Android phone Droid X. On Thursday, Verizon’s website in its new section has shown the pictures of the phone to the world. The picture has caption that says ‘ The Next Generation of Does: Droid Does: According to the featured described on

Droid X a potential competitor to iPhone 4

Motorola Droid X is a much talked about smartphone from Motorola and is considered as the next Android superhone. When compared to fourth generation smartphone, it looks like the superhone has many advantages.
The size of Droid X is bigger than iPhone and its display is 4.4 inches diagonal as compared to the iPhone’s