Keating apologises for cheating on sleeve notes of new album

Boyzone member Ronan Keating has apologised for cheating on his wife on the sleeve notes of his new album ‘Duet’. Keating, 33, who cheated on his wife Yvonne with a backing dancer, spared no words to tell her how sorry he was. “You are the most incredible, inspirational woman I have ever met,” the Sun

Ronan Keating wins back estranged wife

Ronan Keating has finally managed to win back estranged wife Yvonne after claims of the Boyzone star”s seven-month fling with dancer Francine Cornell surfaced. The singer, 33, was recently joined in Australia by Yvonne, 36 and their three children. “We”ve been left to our own devices but we are now a happy family. It”s all

Ronan Keating finally breaks his silence over affair

Ronan Keating has finally broken his silence over his affair. Keating had been caught having a seven-month affair with dancer Francine Cornell, who had performed with the Boyzone during their comeback tour. When Keating’s ex Yvonne found sex texts in his mobile phone, she threw the singer out of their home in Dublin. She allowed

Boyzone Member, Ronan Keating, Moving Out

It was such a shock to the friends and fans when Ronan Keating and Yvonne announced that they will be parting ways. Ronan and Yvonne’s marriage lasted for 12 years. And recently, there were already reports that Ronan Keating already packed his bags and moved out of their family home.
People are already imagining how Ronan