Ke$ha Becomes Disney Princess As Ex-Managers Sue For $14 Million

First there was Snow White. She was followed by Cinderella. And there was nothing cooler than 1989′s introduction of finned-princess Ariel. Now The Mice of Disney Inc. are rolling out the red carpet for a grungier kind of Animated Princess: Pop grunter Ke$ha. “An exclusive, sneak peak at the newest Disney movie; Disney’s Princess Ke$ha.

Matty B, Seven-Year-Old Web Rapper, Covers Ke$ha “We R Who We R”

The No. 1 song in the country is getting a makeover suitable for the Sesame Street set. Pint-sized hip-hopster Matty B. is burning up the web with his rap re-inventions of music’s most popular hits. The 27 videos featured on his MattyRaps YouTube Channel have already raked up more than 14.5 million views! We’ve got