King Kong Musical Broadway-Bound

In news sure to make Great White Way fanatics go bananas: King Kong will soon be thumping his chest on the Broadway stage, if theater aficionados have their way.Last week, producers with Global Creatures issued a press release revealing that work is underway on a Broadway musical version of the cinema classic — which first

Drunken Amy Winehouse insults King of Zulus

A drunk Amy Winehouse insulted the King of Zulus when her partner Reg Traviss took her to a royal dinner. Winehouse attended the launch of an African-themed restaurant drunk and with her bangers out before insulting the King of Zulus Goodwill Zwelthini, who was there as a special guest. The pair arrived late, with Winehouse

Larry King triggers verbal fight with Howard Stern after ”tasteless” remark

Larry King engaged in a verbal snipe fest with Howard Stern, after he called him ”tasteless” in an interview. After learning that the CNN talk-show host had trashed him in an interview published last week in Steppin” Out magazine, Stern retaliated by calling King a “loser” and “the luckiest man in show business” at a