Kristen Stewart suggests fourth ‘Twilight’ movie ending

American actress Kristen Stewart, who plays Bella Swan in the Twilight series, says she knows exactly where the fourth movie should end.
Author Stephenie Meyer’s fourth and final of “Twilight” book, “Breaking Dawn,” is splitting into two parts, and while scripts are still being written, Stewart has said that the perfect ending of the movie would

Robert Patterson felt normal while kissing Kristen

Despite rumors of their break up making rounds, Robert Peterson has been reported as very much fond of kissing co-star Kristen Stewart.
They are part of the filming of The Twilight Saga that demands the pair to lock lips, though they are not bound to do so in a contract. Still, Roberts says that

Kristen Stewart would love to get married

‘Twilight’ star Kristen Stewart wants to get hooked but not any time soon.
The actress, who is dating co-actor Robert Pattinson, got inclined towards matrimony after witnessing her parents’ stable relationship.
“I’m not ready to get married, but I have a really great family and I’d like that too someday, sure,” quoted her as saying.

Kristen Stewart swears at paparazzi

Twilight star Kristen Stewart has once again expressed her dislike for cameras – she reportedly swore at the paparazzi in Sydney.
Stewart, 20, arrived in Sydney last week with Taylor Lautner, 18, to promote their third flick in the cult vampire franchise, Eclipse.
Soon after their arrival the duo headed out for a jet boat cruise on

Kristen Stewart on why she looks miserable at red carpets

Melbourne, May 7 : Twilight star Kristen Stewart has denied that she is miserable despite looking downcast on the red carpet all the time.
“People say that I’m miserable all the time. It’s not that I’m miserable, it’s just that somebody’s yelling at me… I literally, sometimes, have to keep myself from crying… It’s a physical