LeAnn Rimes’ Ex-Husband Moving In With New Girlfriend

After being cheated on by ex-wife country singer LeAnn Rimes, Dean Sheremet has moved on — and he’s about to move in — Us Weekly reported Monday. Sheremet, a former dancer and recent graduate of the French Culinary Institute, is moving into the Manhattan apartment of his new girlfriend, photographer Sarah Silver.“We’re moving in together and

LeAnn Rime to Speak about her Relationship with Eddie Cibrian

Finally, LeAnn Rime started to speak about her relationship with her boyfriend, Eddie Cibrian. It has become a couple that ended two divorces and has become the reason of months of headlines.
According to LeAnn, she made the most selfish things. She is responsible for everything that has been done by her. The singer hates when

LeAnn Rimes: “Eddie & I Are Not Homewreckers”

Scandal-bitten country starlet LeAnn Rimes is speaking out about her affair with Northern Lights co-star Eddie Cibrian as she gears up for a possible legal battle with her lover’s estranged wife.The singer/actress has remained silent since she was caught sleeping with the CSI: Miami hunk on the set of their Lifetime Original Movie last

LeAnn Rimes Slaps Cibrian Ex Brandi Glanville With Cease & Desist Order

When The Mistress Strikes Back: LeAnn Rimes Edition: LeAnn Rimes (aka “I Need You, Your Wife Must Die!”) has slapped the estranged wife of boyfriend Eddie Cibrian with a cease & desist order, demanding the jilted woman call time on her free court press with the media.The singer/actress began an affair Cibrian on the set of

LeAnn Complicates Relationships between Eddie Cibrian and his Ex Wife Brandi

According to Brandi Glanville, despite the fact that she is trying along with her ex husband Eddie Cibrian to work through their divorce amicably, his new girlfriend, i.e. LeAnn Rimes, takes a lot upon herself, it can be seen even in the preparation of their son Jake’s birthday festivities that will be held in