Change your lifestyle to live to a ripe old age

old ageNew research shows that how you live your life and not your genes determine how long you live. Those who did not smoke, consumed moderate amounts of coffee, were economically well off by 50 and also had low cholesterol had the greatest chance of celebrating their 90th birthday, according to a study in Sweden’s University

J.Lo, Marc Anthony launch $3bn lifestyle brand partnership with Kohl”s

Jennifer Lopez and her husband Marc Anthony have launched an estimated 3-billion-dollar lifestyle retail juggernaut partnership with Kohl”s. Women”s Wear Daily reports that the collection will feature apparel to other categories, including home, reports the New York Daily News. While Lopez has taken a step back from the fashion world, it looks like she’s planning

Healthy lifestyle has biggest impact on cardiovascular health

Two large studies from Northwestern Medicine have confirmed that a healthy lifestyle has the biggest impact on cardiovascular health. “Health behaviors can trump a lot of your genetics,” said Donald Lloyd-Jones, chair and professor of preventive medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and a staff cardiologist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. “This research shows

Pregnant Mariah Carey to debut line of lifestyle products, jewelry

Mariah Carey, who has announced that she is expecting her first child with husband Nick Cannon, is all set to launch her own line of lifestyle products and jewelry for the Home Shopping Network. The pop star diva, will be taking to the small screen to hawk her designs starting on Nov. 29, according to