Elton John “Surprised” By Rush Limbaugh Wedding Invitation

Openly-gay music icon Sir Elton John was just as surprised as the rest of us that he was invited to provide the entertainment at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding, according to his partner.The right wing radio king took his fourth trip down the aisle June 5, marrying Kathryn Rogers — a woman half his age — in

Rush Limbaugh Married Kathryn Rogers

Conservatard Rush Limbaugh, 59, married longtime girlfrend Kathryn Rogers, 33, in a Hawaiian-themed ceremony at a Palm Beach resort on Saturday. It was Limbaugh’s fourth trip to the aisle.Limbaugh and Rogers first met six years ago during a celebrity golf tournament that she ran. A total of 400 guests — including Law & Order star and

Rush Limbaugh Wedding This Weekend

For those who care: We hear conservative chatterbox Rush Limbaugh, 59, will wed longtime girlfrirend Kathryn Rogers, 33, in an intimate ceremony at his Palm Beach compound this weekend. Rogers, who has been dating Limbaugh since 2004, was by the pundit’s side when he suffered a mild heart attack in December. The marriage — Kathryn’s first —