Liz Hurley ‘begs forgiveness’ from hubby after dumping love-rat Warne

liz hurleyA devastated Liz Hurley is pleading with her husband Arun Nayar to take her back after she dumped cricketer Shane Warne. The 45-years-old actress dumped the Aussie loverat after finding that he had sent more than 100 sex texts to a married woman at the same time he was having an affair with her. According

Liz Hurley consoled by cheating ex Hugh Grant

liz hurleyIndian tycoon Arun Nayar’s estranged wife Elizabeth Hurley has been leaning on her cheating ex Hugh Grant for support since news of her marriage breakdown and fling with Shane Warne. The occasional actress, who was caught on camera kissing the cricket legend, looked jaded and forlorn when she arrived at her West London home. Minutes

Liz Hurley kept up pretence of happy marriage during family holiday

Elizabeth Hurley 3Model/actress Elizabeth Hurley apparently kept up the pretence of a happy marriage during a family holiday just six weeks ago. Hurley, 45, had spent five days in Indian cities Jaipur and Mumbai with businessman husband Arun Nayar and her son Damian, fathered by ex Steve Bing. And friends close to the couple insisted they “acted

Liz Hurley calls Arun Nayar a ”great father” post split

Elizabeth Hurley656Elizabeth Hurley took to Twitter to praise estranged husband Arun Nayar for being a ”great father”. On her Twitter page the 45-year-old wrote, “Painful, sad days. Arun & I separated for private reasons but FTR (for the record) he has been a great father to our son Damian & will always be in his life,”

Pretty in pink Liz Hurley makes US ambassador Louis Susman blush

Elizabeth Hurley wearing a tight pink outfit left the US Ambassador Louis Susman blushing at a recent breast cancer charity event. The 45-year-old model draped herself over the rotund politician, making him turn puce with joy, reports the Daily Mail. She later posted a picture of herself with the beaming diplomat who she met at

Why pink is Liz Hurley’s favourite colour

Elizabeth Hurley, model for the Esteé Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, is obsessed with the colour pink, and she tells why. “I adore pink! For my Indian wedding, Versace made me an astonishing pink wedding dress. I’ve also created a limited-edition Pink Romance candle to raise funds for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, which