Jessica Alba missed out on playing twins in ‘Machete’

Jessica Alba has revealed that the original script of ‘Machete’ demanded her to play twins. The star, who insists on keeping everything covered up on the big screen, freaked out when she saw the first draft of the script. However, the actress asked Robert Rodriguez to rewrite her twin characters because she objected to the

Lindsay Lohan “Machete” Poster [Gun-Kissing Nun]

Lindsay Lohan is packing heat for her action-flick debut as April “The Sister” Benz in Robert Rodriguez’s forthcoming flick, Machete.Despite being noticably absent from a recently-released trailer for the movie, a promotional photo released by FOX this week features the scandal-bitten, jail-bound actress dressed in a nun’s habit as she licks a gun seductively. Ironically, Lohan