‘Mad Men’: Linda Cardellini on her top-secret, watercooler-worthy debut


Image Credit: AMC

SPOILER ALERT! This post contains information about key plot points in the season premiere of Mad Men. If you haven’t watched Sunday’s episode,  continue at your own risk.

Oh Don, no! We should know not to expect too much from the tortured ad man by now, but we were hoping Megan had helped him change his ways.

The season 6 premiere of Mad Men ended with a twist that’s sure to rile up fans and have people asking questions. After a sunny vacation to Hawaii, Don fell back into old habits and into a new bed with a mysterious woman, Sylvia, played by Freaks and Geeks and ER actress Linda Cardellini. Don and Sylvia didn’t seem to be trying all that hard to keep their affair from their spouses, but Cardellini and showrunner Matthew Weiner have done all they can to make Sylvia’s arrival a surprise. Not even Cardellini’s best friends or immediate family knew about her participation in the show, so when we caught up with her before last night’s season opener, she apologized in advance for everything she couldn’t say. Still, Cardellini managed to tease her character’s upcoming arc a bit — and reminisce on the other time she “homewrecked” a TV power couple, as the girl who came between Cory and Topanga on Boy Meets World in 1998.