HTC Evo 4G dominates global smartphone market

Many people are so much influenced by the magic of HTC Evo 4G that they are ever willing to ignore other equally known brands like iPhone, Blackberry or Droid X. There are many stories of people giving preference to the HTC phone over the other established and popular smartphones. The reason for HTC Evo becoming

Data-loss Prevention Technologies: a Drug in the Market?

Security & Risk Management Summit was held by Eric Ouellet, Gartner’s analyst, concerning the problem of data-loss prevention (DLP). He said that DLP software including a discovery tool, host-based software and a network-based appliance is still high-priced. But unfortunately, when organizations spend so much money to buy it they even don’t deploy it fully for

Microsoft to release slim Xbox 360 this fall

Now it is almost a confirmed report that Microsoft’s new slim Xbox 360 will be available this fall. This can be made out from an internal marketing Q&A with the software giant. The market is eagerly awaiting the release of Xbox but only rumors about it so far has fed the reports Reports also are

Samsung to launch dual sim phone in India

World’s second largest conglomerate Samsung will launch its dual sim phone Samsung 3G B 7722 in the Indian market. The company wants to take advantage of growing dual sim phone market.
The phone aims at the market that demands for the phones having high-end features. The new handset from the company includes features like