Mickey Rourke Stinks: “He’s Like Pigpen!”

He’s yet to snag an Oscar, but The Wrestler’s Mickey Rourke already has one mayjah case of B.O. Turns out the body that made women swoon in the erotic ’80s film 9 1/2 Weeks oozes so much man-pong, it’s beginning to cause problems in the workplace, snoops squeal to The National Enquirer. Word on the

Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse celebrates his 82nd birthday

Walt Disney’s cartoon character Mickey Mouse has turned 82. Mickey Mouse had made his first appearance with sound in ‘Steamboat Willie’, which was the first of his films to be distributed, on November 18, 1928, the New York Daily News reported. He had appeared in ‘Plane Crazy’ six months prior to the release of ‘Steamboat

Mickey Rourke is ”careful with money”

Mickey Rourke is still too scared to spend any money after years of being broke, it has been revealed. Despite his newfound success with the lead role in ”The Wrestler”, Mickey is still worried about spending his money, reveals fellow actor Jason Stratham. “I wouldn”t say Mickey is tight but when he takes a jacket