Sammi Sweetheart, Of “Jersey Shore” Fame, Mourns Dog Abby

Soft-spoken guidette Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola’s usually a interesting shade of orange, but this week the Jersey Shorer’s looking a little blue. Sammi’s been down in the dumps after making the painful decision to put down her beloved pooch Abby. You mean Ronnie isn’t the only dog in her life? Who knew!“I had to put my dog

Levi Johnston Bristol Palin Reality Show? [Plus Kathy Griffin Mourns Her Loss!]

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston have rekindled their romance and hope to walk down the aisle later this year. However, the young lover sudden reconciliation after more than a year and a half of public sparring has sparked chat that the soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. Johnson are trying to attract press for a new reality

Heidi Montag Mourns Breakup From Spencer…For The Paparazzi

Heidi’s really taking this “aspiring actress” thing a little too seriously. Just watch as she puts on her best “Sad Face” for the paparazzi and casts dramatic poses alongside lookalike new housemate Jennifer Bunney. The nipped and tucked star wants you to know just how devo she is about splitting from douchebag husband Spencer Pratt. Thank