Jodie Sweetin Owes IRS Nearly $30K In Back Taxes

Stephanie Tanner couldn’t be bothered to pay her taxes last year. We think we speak for Full House fans everywhere when we say: “How rude!” Uncle Sam cometh for former child star Jodie Sweetin, whose adult years after of the spotlight have been seeped in meth addiction, a pair of failed marriages, and two children

Capri Anderson Claims Charlie Sheen Owes $12K For “Date”

The woman who locked herself in a room naked during Charlie Sheen’s drunken rampage at a New York hotel has been identified as porn star Capri Anderson. And she wants her money! Although Anderson vehemently denies whispers that she is a hooker or escort, Word on The Curb has it that Sheen agreed to fork

Broke Lindsay Lohan owes $600,000 in credit card debt

‘Mean Girls’ star Lindsay Lohan is reportedly over half a million dollars in debt, after failing to pay up her credit card dues.
Lohan, 23, has been facing financial problems ever since her acting career took a downward plunge, and her hard partying ways have not helped the situation either.
“Lindsay owes credit cards 600,000 dollars,” The