Justin Bieber Best Buy Super Bowl Ad Featuring Ozzy Osbourne!

Mega-chain Best Buy featured teen heartthrob Bieber and elder rocker and Brisk frontman Ozzy Osbourne in the first Super Bowl commercial for the nation’s largest home electronics chain. Impressive — particularly since just a few months ago, Ozzy faintly had any idea who Bieber was! “Justin Bieber is the biggest star out there, but that’s

Ozzy Osbourne Justin Bieber Best Buy Super Bowl Ad

Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber is teaming up with an unlikely co-star for his Super Bowl Sunday ad debut: None other than the Prince of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne. Though it was only a few months ago when Ozzy admitted that he has absolutely no idea who Justin is, the musicians co-star in Best Buy’s first Super

Ozzy Osbourne Sick & Tired Of Lady Gaga

Ozzy Osbourne is sick and tired of MTV’s Woman of the Year. Never one to mince words, the Black Sabbath frontman says that although he’s as impressed as any Little Monster by the pop hits and stage presence of singing star Lady Gaga, he’s getting a bit tired of the overexposure of the “overexposed” “pop

Ozzy Osbourne wants an English actor to play him in biopic

Putting all speculations to rest, Black Sabbath lead singer Ozzy Osbourne has said that he wants an English actor, instead of Johnny Depp, to play him in his biopic. It was rumoured that American heartthrob Depp will play him in a film about the rocker. “I want to get an English person because I”m not

Ozzy Osbourne Hates His Reality Show

Ozzy Osbourne has recently revealed to the press that he simply hated to participate in the reality show on MTV about his family that made them all so popular. It was said in his latest interview to AOL Music’s Spinner concerning his new album “Scream” promotion, when the musician revealed the whole truth that he

Ozzy Osbourne Madame Tussauds Museum Prank!

Ozzy Osbourne scares the tourists! That Ozzy’s always horsing around. The singer pranked visitors at the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in New York City this week by standing in for his wax figure. In anticipation of the release of his new album Scream out June 22, the Black Sabbath star decided to have some fun