James Van Der Beek Selling DILF Khakis For Funny Or Die!

When James Van Der Beek’s character burst into tears on Dawson’s Creek all those years ago, little did we know his epically grimacing face would become Internet legend! That little pixellated animation of Dawson bawling has brought joy to Internet users for ages – now the actor himself has decided to contribute to the “Crying

Vampire Phenomenon Inspires Biting Trend Among Teens

Is biting the new hickey? Bloodsucking-themed phenomenons, including Stephenie Meyer’s vampire epic The Twilight Saga and the HBO drama True Blood, have spawned a tween obsession with all things vampire, from makeup to clothing — and now even biting, experts say. That’s right, biting.According to a new report, since vampire mania took The Tween Scene by