Samsung to launch dual sim phone in India

World’s second largest conglomerate Samsung will launch its dual sim phone Samsung 3G B 7722 in the Indian market. The company wants to take advantage of growing dual sim phone market.
The phone aims at the market that demands for the phones having high-end features. The new handset from the company includes features like

Images of the Upcoming Nokia C7 Leaked

It turned out that the image of the upcoming line-up of cell phones of Nokia leaked. It was revealed that Nokia is going to introduce its next C-Series phone, known as the C7.
Actually, the cell phone differs from a normal Nokia phone and resembles the design of Samsung handsets. It is enabled with the same

Download IOS 4 for your iPhone through blogs

After Apple recently released final version of IOS 4 to developers, the bloggers are guiding the phone customers on ways to get it on iPhone as well. Many such blogs have surfaced to provide adequate details for downloading IOS 4 in iPhone. A hacker has released a tool for downloading it.
Several blogs are

Motorola set to release iPhone Flipout early this year

Motorola is most likely to announce release of its iPhone Flipout in second quarter of this year. The phone is reported to be having a different look and has a five-row QWERTY keypad for the numbers, it has separate keys. It runs on Android 2.1
The company says that the phone fits neatly in palm,

Blackberry Curve 8530 launched for Indian markets

Research in Motion has launched Blackberry Curve 8530 for the Indian markets. The phone is priced at Rs 18990 and is being release in partnership with Tata Teleservices. But the phone will be made available only to the Tata Teleservices CDMA consumers. Main features of the phone include email, messaging, Multimedia, social networking and entertainment.

Apple’s phone to face challenge from Google and Microsoft

Apple’s iPhone may get potential challenge from Goggle’s Android operating system and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7. These two rivals have different approaches in order to have some success of Apple’s devices in fast growing mobile marketplace.
For Microsoft the stakes are higher as its Window CE kernel was loosing its market share fast. Now