Adam Lambert Paparazzi Attack: “American Idol” Runner-Up Could Face

A day at the beach could end with a misdemenor battery charge for American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert. The flamboyant singer is accused of violently attacking a paparazzo following him on Miami Beach Thursday, and could face a misdemeanor battery charge for the melee. Although we think Adam’s true crime in this case is one against

Shia LaBeouf Rumbles With Paparazzi; Steals Photographer’s Camera

Pesky paps! Mess with the Shia LeBeouf, and you’ll get the horns. Or, in this case, the Transformers star will get your camera. Police were called to the Hollywood residence of the former Even Stevens actor Wednesday afternoon, after a photographer for X17Online bumped heads with LeBeouf, prompting the star to swipe the pap’s