Ted Williams, Out Of Rehab & Back On “The Early Show”

Remember Ted Williams? The once homeless man, who skyrocketed to fame after a video of his so-called “Golden Voice” surfaced online, appeared on CBS’ The Early Show Wednesday. Suited, bespeckled, and sporting new choppers, Ted gave Erica Hill and Chris Haggle an update on what he’s been up to since his shortlived stint in rehab.

Aaron Carter Rehab

It’s back to rehab for former teen heartthrob and Dancing With the Stars Aaron Carter. He had us fooled with that scarily-ripped body – but it looks like Aaron’s been having too much fun getting ripped in other ways too. The crooning womanizer once at the center of a bitter feud between then teenage starlets

Ted Williams Rehab

Golden Voice just pulled “A Lohan…..” Ted Williams’ radio voice helped make him the biggest viral star to hit the web since Antoine Dodson spazzed out on those nasty “Bed Intruders,” but instant infamy have made coping with old vices even more of a challenge for the admitted drug addict and alcoholic. That’s why he’s