Gwyneth Paltrow dismisses Madonna feud rumours

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s representative has dismissed reports that the ‘Iron Man’ star has fallen out with singer Madonna, who is her long-time friend.
Rumours of their fall out had started after Paltrow, 37, admitted she has been experiencing some problems with a friend, and their spending more time apart has added fuel to it.
“I can be

Mindy McCready accuses her mother of purposefully overreacting

The representative of Mindy McCready told to the media that the singer was not on drugs and it was just an over reaction of her mother. Brent young, the represenetative of Mindy says that she did break her toe some two days before and her mother gave her four Darvocet pills when she complained about

Amy Adams Expects a Girl

Amy Adams together with groom-to-be Darren Legallo invited 7-lb. girl-daughter Aviana Olea Legallo on Sat in the City of the Angels, her representative tells PEOPLE entirely.
“Mamma and babe are at home and doing cracking,” tells Adams’s representative. “Everybody is sound and felicitous.”
Briefly after declaring her maternity in Dec, the actress stated she and Legallo projected