Kate Hudson publicly smooches Muse rocker Matt Bellamy

Kate Hudson has been spotted kissing Muse rocker Matt Bellamy in public. The two had an early dinner at the Spotted Pig and were seen kissing between courses. “They were making out, rubbing each other”s hands. She was giggling and they both seemed pretty happy,” The New York Post quoted a fellow diner as saying.

Ozzy Osbourne wants to donate his body to science

Rocker Ozzy Osbourne has decided to donate his body to science.
The British singer feels that it’s a ‘medical miracle’ that he is still alive even after boozing up for 40 years.
Osbourne spent more than 1 million pounds on doctors to keep him alive.
“I’ve often wondered the same thing myself. By all accounts I’m a medical

Emma Watson denies dating Spanish rocker Rafael Cebrian

British actress Emma Watson has rubbished rumours that she is dating Spanish rocker Rafael Cebrian.
Watson has told her fans that she is single.
The 20-year-old actress was linked with Cebrian after she broke up with her long-term partner Jay Barrymore in March, reports The Daily Star.
The Harry Potter series star was dating Barrymore since 2008.
But Watson

Bret Michaels’ Dad: Rocker Sounds “A Little Slow” But Doing “Fine”

Extra TV caught up with the father of ailing ock idol Bret Michaels outside his Pennsylvania home this week. While Wally Sychak admitted that the ex-Poison frontman is still hospitalized in the ICU of an Arizona hospital after suffering a brain aneurysm on Friday, the older man says his famous son is moving his limbs