Angelina Jolie”s dress sense branded ”drab”

American actress Angelina Jolie is losing her grip on the red carpet, a celebrity stylist has said. British fashion expert and celebrity stylist Kirsty Drury has worked with stars including Kylie Minogue and Claudia Schiffer and has always admired Angelina”s bold style choices but in the recent years, she believes the 35-year-old actress has gone

‘The Sixth Sense’ has the biggest shocking twist

Bruce Willis””” movie, ‘The Sixth Sense’ features the biggest shocking twist of all time, according to a poll. The film about a young boy who claims to “see dead people” features a pivotal moment in which the truth about Willis”””” character is revealed. It beat 50-year-old chiller ‘Psycho’ in a poll to find the most

Work saved Emma Thompson from depression

Actress Emma Thompson says work saved her from depression during difficult times.
The Oscar winner, 50, has opened up about her life and how she began suffering from depression.
“I think my first bout of that was when I was doing Me and My Girl, funnily enough,” the Telegraph quoted her, as saying on Radio 4′’s Desert