Did Levi Johnston Sleep Kathy Griffin?

In a public statement last week, Levi Johnston apologized to his almost in-laws, The Palins, for what he described as “youthful trangressions” that inspired him to spew lies about the First Family of Conservatism in the wake of his split with high school sweetheart Bristol more than a year ago. However, Sarah & Co. may

Brittany Murphy’s Brother Not Losing Any Sleep Over Death Of Simon Monjack

Simon Monjack, the husband of late actress Brittany Murphy, was found dead in his home in Hollywood Hills on Sunday night, and the Clueless star’s brother has some harsh words for the deceased screenwriter.Tony Bertolotti — Brittany’s half-brother — tells RadarOnline.com that he was “not shocked” or saddened to learn of Simon’s passing. “I