Microsoft to release slim Xbox 360 this fall

Now it is almost a confirmed report that Microsoft’s new slim Xbox 360 will be available this fall. This can be made out from an internal marketing Q&A with the software giant. The market is eagerly awaiting the release of Xbox but only rumors about it so far has fed the reports Reports also are

Microsoft announces slim version of Xbox

Microsoft has released a slim version of Xbox as it announced the newest lineup of games for its console. The new Xbox was announced at E3 2010. The software giant also demonstrated varied jobs that its Kinect motion-sensor can do.
According to the latest reports about new Xbox 360, it is much smaller with

Smith Micro Software to Introduce Anime Studio Pro 7 and Anime Studio Debut 7

Smith Micro Software has unveiled Anime Studio Debut 7 as well as Anime Studio Pro 7. With the help of the two programs one can create cartoons, 2D movies, and also cut-out animations. The programs come with new integrated audio recording capabilities, new content library, as well as other new tools.
Anime Studio Pro 7 offers

Anti-Justin Bieber Software Sparks Death Threats

It seems homicidal tendencies are the leading side effect of Bieber fever! A new application will scrub teen heartthrob Justin Bieber from your computer, but the software has inspired a dangerous backlash for the program’s creator.The Free Art and Technology (F.A.T.) Lab has teamed up with computer software designer Greg Leuch to create an application

Lemon Mobiles unveils its latest Opera Mini based iQ 707 mobile in India

Lemon mobiles unwraps its latest Smartphone iQ 707 that enables easy access to internet due to its support to Opera Mini browser.
This new Lemon handset features a QWERTY keyboard with a 2.2 inch wide display screen. iQ 707 flaunts with its support to Java, quadband, EDGE and a trackball. Opera Mini Web integrated with the