Tale Of Two Kates: Anne Hathaway Spoofs Katie Holmes & Kate Middleton On

If you’re nobody in Hollywood until you’ve been reincarnated as a caricature on Saturday Night Live, Britain’s soon-to-be Princess Kate Middleton is ready for her closeup. Anne Hathaway not only spoofed Middle, but fellow actress Katie Holmes too, during her weekend hosting gig on NBC’s SNL. In a sketch which featured Andy Samberg as Prince

Bruce Willis Spoofs Lady Gaga With Meat Hairpiece On “Letterman”

The Culinary Couture Craze is catching on. Inspired by the infamous raw meat gown Lady Gaga wore to last month’s MTV Video Music Awards, watch the wacky chain of events that unveil after Bruce Willis hits the Letterman stage with an edible tribute to the outre pop tart — 100% ground sirloin! “This is all

Michael Buble Spoofs Justin Bieber In “Hollywood” Music VIDEO

Buble Becomes Bieber: In the spankin’-new vid for his single “Hollywood,” Michael Bublé takes on a series of alter egos before turning in a side-splitting spoof of another famous Canadian, teen sensation Justin Bieber!Watch as the crooner, 35, does his best Biebs, complete with blue hoodie, sneakers, and the signature Justin bowl cut. The song —

Steve Carell Spoofs LeBron James’ “Decision” [ESPN ESPY Awards 2010]

Hey Sports Stans, did you catch last night’s 2010 ESPN ESPY Awards in Los Angeles? Hey may be the league’s MVP, but NBA giant LeBron James found himself the butt of many of the night’s best knee-slappers. Take this one, for instance! Watch The Office star Steve Carrell turn in a hilarious spoof of LeBron’s controversial

Isaiah Mustafa, The “Old Spice” Guy, Spoofs LeBron James

How about burned jerseys for a subtle hint that people are more than a little peeved at you? LeBron James fans are still livid over the NBA MVP’s Thursday night announcement to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers to join fellow basketball superstars Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami. In fact, former LBJ Fanatics are making it