Barbra Streisand “Glee” Diss

Glee’s become TV’s go-to place for covering camptastic hits — but legendary warbler Barbra Streisand wouldn’t be caught dead onscreen with Lea Michele & Co. When asked whether she’d be interested in joining the long line of celebs making cameos on Glee, Babs promptly responded with: “Not if I can help it.” Burn! It didn’t

Barbra Streisand Grammy Awards Performance 2011

Showbiz icon Barbra Streisand will make a rare public live performance at this weekend’s Grammy Awards, Entertainment Tonight has learned. The eight-time Grammy winner has been added to the list of performers for the 53rd Annual ceremony, broadcasting live on CBS from The Staples Center in Los Angeles this Sunday night at 8PM. Streisand, up

Barbra Streisand still battles stage fright

Barbra Streisand has revealed that the fear of disappointing her audience puts her under great pressure when she performs live. The Yentl star has battled stage fright throughout her career and admits she hates having to live up to demanding expectations. “I love singing when it”s me and the music alone… I love singing with

Barbra Streisand “Flattered” By Jennifer Aniston Homage

The diva has two faces — and Babs loves it. Barbra Streisand has praised actress Jennifer Aniston for the “wonderful job” the actress did in her attempt at impersonating her style for a photoshoot with the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar Magazine.The Marley & Me actress has long idolized Streisand and jumped at the chance to