Teen Sex Addict & Mother Suing Tyra Banks Appear On “The Early Show”

Beverly McClendon, the mother of a Georgia teenager who appeared as a self-described sex addict on the now-defunct Tyra Banks Show last November, has sued the supermodel host, Warner Bros. Entertainment, and the show’s executive producers for $3 million, alleging they flew the girl to New York and put her on TV without parental consent

“Transformers 3″ Extra Injured On Set Suing Paramount Studios

The family of a woman who suffered a severe brain injury in a freak accident on the Indiana set of the new Transformers movie is suing film bosses for negligence. Gabriela Cedillo, 24, was airlifted to hospital in Hammond, Indiana in a critical condition after she was struck in the head, leaving her skull sliced

Dita Von Teese Suing Landlord Following Anti-Semitic Rant

Burlesque babe Dita Von Teese has filed suit against a former landlord she charges with leveling anti-Semitic rants her managers.In a suit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court Monday, Dita — who is American-born of Armenian heritage –accuses Lallubhai Patel of launching hate-tainted tirades after she said she was moving out and tried to get

Taylor Lautner Suing RV Company

Taylor Lautner must really like his RV. Lautner — Hollywood’s highest-paid teen actor — is suing an RV dealership for an specified sum in damages for causing him “emotional distress” and “annoyance” after allegedly failing to deliver a vehicle on time. The Twilight heartthrob, 18, is hopping mad that his customized rig wasn’t delivered in time

Former “Price Is Right” Model Suing Bob Barker For Booting Her While

A former Barker Beauty featured on the The Price is Right — America’s longest-running television game show — has filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles accusing showbiz legend Bob Barker of running her out of a job after she became pregnant.The suit filed by Shane Stirling contends Barker had a major role in getting

Cocoa Pebbles Commercial Leaves Hulk Hogan Suing Mad

Cocoa Pebbles has gotten itself into a pickle after allegedly using Hulk Hogan’s likeness without permission in its “Cocoa Smashdown” commercial, which premiered earlier this year. The wrestling legend has filed suit against Post Foods, the makers of the cereal, because he believes the company patterned their animated character Hulk Boulder — a muscle-bound fighter

Golzar Amirmotazedi Suing MTV For $5 Million After Drunken Appearance On “The

The Real World DC holds the distinction of being the lowest-rated spinoff in the history MTV’s long-running reality series (We blame the success of Jersey Shore….), but one Washington woman says her brief appearance on the unpopular show was seen enough times to ruin her life. Golzar Amirmotazedi, a 22-year-old makeup artist who appeared on an

Jaime Bergman Considering Suing David Boreanaz Mistress

The plot thickens: David Boreanaz’s clandestine romp with a money-grubbing golddigger could end up being very costly for the actor’s still unidentified mistress. Boreanaz, who stars on the FOX series Bones, confirmed Monday that he had an extramarital affair — while his wife was pregnant — after his former mistress demanded a six-figure settlement to