Ted Williams, Out Of Rehab & Back On “The Early Show”

Remember Ted Williams? The once homeless man, who skyrocketed to fame after a video of his so-called “Golden Voice” surfaced online, appeared on CBS’ The Early Show Wednesday. Suited, bespeckled, and sporting new choppers, Ted gave Erica Hill and Chris Haggle an update on what he’s been up to since his shortlived stint in rehab.

Ted Williams Rehabbing Under Tight Security

The most famous former hobo in America is receiving treatment for his on-going addiction to drugs and alcohol under security that would put Secret Service to shame. The operators of Origins Recovery Center in Texas says that they’ve locked the facility down to keep snapping paparazzi at bay, TMZ.com reported on Saturday. Center officials tell

Ted Williams Rehab

Golden Voice just pulled “A Lohan…..” Ted Williams’ radio voice helped make him the biggest viral star to hit the web since Antoine Dodson spazzed out on those nasty “Bed Intruders,” but instant infamy have made coping with old vices even more of a challenge for the admitted drug addict and alcoholic. That’s why he’s

Ted Williams Detained: “My Daughter Attacked Me!”

Ted Williams, the homeless man who became a YouTube sensation for his “golden voice,” was taken in to custody by Los Angeles Police Monday night after an altercation with his daughter. Williams and his daughter were removed from the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood around 9 PM after police received a disturbance call from hotel staff.

“Golden Voice” Ted Williams Picked Up By Cops As FOX Station Searches For

Oh Ted….. Ted Williams, the formerly homeless viral star who captivated the web with his “golden radio voice,” was detained by the authorities Monday night after police responded to a disturbance at a Los Angeles hotel, Entertainment Tonight reported overnight. The new voice of Kraft and his grown daughter were detained around 9 PM PT

Ted Williams’ Mom Talks Homeless Radio Announcer’s Rise To Fame On “The

Ted Williams is on an incredible 48-hour journey that has seen him go from being homeless to being on top of the world. Job offers are pouring in after a YouTube video of the talented former radio announcer displaying his “Golden Voice” made the down-and-out sober alcoholic the first viral star of 2011. On The

Ted Williams, Singing Homeless Man, Becomes Web’s Latest Viral Star

Meet Ted Williams, a homeless man with a golden voice who became a viral sensation on the internet after a reporter with The Columbus Dispatch nabbed video footage of him singing his heart out while panhandling alongside the freeway in Columbus, Ohio. Ted’s video has been tearing up the Internet, garnering more than four million