Ann Ward, Model With Freaky Thin Waist, Wins “America’s Next Top Model”

Cue the Controversy: An America’s Next Top Model contender who was criticized for her shockingly thin waist earlier this season edged out more than a dozen other models to win the fashion competition on Wednesday night. Ann Ward, whose lanky frame led to online debate over whether she was a bad role model for young

Gemma Arterton rubbishes culture of pencil thin actors in films

Gemma Arterton has raised her voice against the pressure on actors to be stick-thin. While the actress has had pulsating effect on many males, nonetheless she resents the pressure on actors to be wafer thin. “I don’t know why there should be pressure for actors because they should be able to play every type of

Megan Fox Too Thin For “Transformers 3?”

Is Megan Fox is too thin to reprise her role Mikaela Banes in the next Transformers film? Although Megan insists it was her choice to walk away from the blockbuster Paramount franchise, we hear Michael Bay fired the outspoken actress after her waify appearance began to take away from her sex appeal.“He thinks she has