Daniel Radcliffe says he didn’t mind wearing bra for last Harry Potter movie

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has confessed that he didn’t mind wearing bra for the last movie of the franchise. In one of the scene, Potter”s friends transform themselves into replica versions of him so that his enemies can”t work out who the real Potter is. Hermione, played by Emma Watson, is one of those

Bruce Willis says wearing no undies critical to being an action hero!

Actor Bruce Willis has said that there is a book on heroism for action heroes and it includes not wearing underwear. Willis, 55, who has portrayed police detective John McClane since 1988 in the ‘Die Hard’ series, also said that the man has to be macho but also kind at the same time. “You can’t

Kim Kardashian graces W mag cover wearing only silver body paint

Kim Kardashian, who regretted going naked for Playboy, has bared all for a magazine cover yet again, this time in the name of art. The reality starlet, 29, has graced the November W Magazine cover for its annual art issue wearing only silver body paint. The issue hasn”t come out yet, but some not-safe-for-work images