Expat embraces Indian Dynamism; launches website to support charity

Business Wire India): A simple vision of one person has helped build an empowered organization that supports many charities in India. With an intention of creating an avenue for people to learn more about her work, the charities supported by and how people can get involved, Pam Hudson (MBE) an expat residing in India since

Verizon’s iPhone Droid X shown on its website

After speculation about it, Verizon has finally come out with its new Motorola-made Android phone Droid X. On Thursday, Verizon’s website in its new section has shown the pictures of the phone to the world. The picture has caption that says ‘ The Next Generation of Does: Droid Does: According to the featured described on

John Travolta, Kelly Preston not expecting twins: Rep

Representative for John Travolta has dismissed reports that the actor and his wife Kelly Preston are expecting twins.
Recently, the couple released a statement on their website, stating that they were “expecting a new addition” to their family, reports The Mirror.
Since then reports have suggested that John, 56, and Kelly, 47, were expecting two babies rather