The Secret Behind Model Chrissy Teigen’s Gorgeous Gams

Chrissy Teigen Sports Illustrated
Courtesy Venus

Model Chrissy Teigen has had more than her share of painful razor cuts. “I go very fast, I’m often shaving on the go,” she tells PEOPLE. “I shave twice a day — I have dark hair, I have to — and I’m doing it so often that I want to feel smooth, not dry.”

Though she’s been guilty of using men’s razors — stealing her dad’s blades when she was younger, and swiping fiancé John Legend‘s Gillettes from time to time — the Sports Illustrated stunner is now enjoying smoother, softer shaves thanks to the new Venus & Olay razor, the official razor of SI‘s upcoming Swimsuit Issue.

“It’s the first beauty partnership for SI,” Teigen explains. “We’re constantly thrown different beauty products and things people want us to take photos with, but it’s not fun unless it’s something you really believe in.” As part of the partnership, Teigen will star in upcoming beauty-related websiodes on in conjunction with the Swimsuit Issue’s release.

Needless to say, Teigen’s now addicted to the two-in-one razors, which feature five blades and a moisturizing shave gel bar. (The products will hit drugstores in March, and range in price from $ 9-$ 19.) “I was going to wear this long, Gothic-y black dress to the Grammys this weekend,” Teigen says, “but now I’m making it a specific point to get my smooth, soft goddess legs on the red carpet.”

As an honorary Venus “goddess,” Teigen joins the ranks of Jennifer Lopez, who famously flaunted her gams for the brand, too. “She’s so gorgeous, so to even be in the company of her is just ridiculous,” Teigen says. “Who would be better?”

So, with her new partnership in the news and SI‘s swimsuit edition on the way (it hits stands Feb. 14), can Teigen tell us anything about the ever-popular issue? “I would be screaming it all from the rooftops if I could,” she says, genuinely. “I will say I’m very excited for it to come out.”

–Kate Hogan