Crocodile tears? Boo-Hoo Brown gave what some of you believed to be a genuinely emotional performance at Sunday’s BET Awards, breaking into tears during his tribute medley to late idol Michael Jackson.

However, celebrity tattles tell a different story. Us Weekly snitches insists that the tattooed felon, 21, used tear-inducing drops to spontaneously make himself cry before taking the stage to belt out MJ’s anthem “Man in the Mirror.”

“He rubbed it in and he started crying,” gushes a backstage spy.

Do I believe he used eye drops? Nah. It’s probably really hitting him that he has a Rihanna clone for a girlfriend, no career, and anyone in America with the good sense God gave a billy goat is done listening to his squeaky voice crack all over tracks. That’s enough to leave anyone bawling like a baby.

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