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TV Query: Can ‘Lucifer’s’ Tom Ellis play the piano in real life?

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When he’s not solving crimes with the lovely Detective Decker (Lauren German), Lucifer (Tom Ellis) spends his time making music at his club, Lux.

Unfortunately, while Lucifer Morningstar is an excellent pianist, Ellis is not so accomplished.

“I’m very musical, and I can play a little bit, but piano was never my instrument,” he tells us. “Hopefully people believe I’m actually tinkling those ivories.”

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We believed it completely until Ellis told us otherwise, so he’s either got an accomplished hand double who plays for him, or Ellis is just that talented at make believe playing.

His musical talents aren’t going to waste anytime soon though, since “Lucifer” makes good use of Ellis’ stellar singing voice.

“The singing is definitely me,” Ellis clarifies. “The singing is all me.”

“Lucifer” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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