Demi Lovato’s transition from clean-cut starlet to just another casuality of the Disney child star curse appears to be complete.

The Sonny With a Chance star, 18, suffered another blow to her once squeaky-clean image on Wednesday when racy snaps of the actress posing seductively emerged on Twitter. In one photo, Demi — surrounded by three female friends — can be seen showing off her cleavage as a backup dancer takes a closer look of her assets. A seemingly shocked young man looks on in the background. The other photo shows another hanger-on hugging Demi from behind while Demi touches the girl’s cheek with her tongue while tugging at her top, once again revealing her cleavage.

One of the teens in the photo is Alex Welch, the girl Demi was accused of slugging in the face during a flight from Peru, after Welch allegedly tattled to Demi’s handlers about some other naughtiness she’d indulged in the night before. The shot was apparently taken before Demi entered a suburban Illinois rehab facility to deal with “physical and emotional issues.” in November. The star is expected to remain in treatment through the holidays.

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