The Culinary King of Mean has forked over fistfuls of greenbacks to ward off the Male Cardinal Sin of Aging: Hair Loss.

As Drake would say: “You fancy, huh?”

Kitchen Nightmares boss Gordon Ramsay, 44, spent $45,000 on a radical new hair treatment to ward off balding, London’s Daily Mail reports.

The foul-mouthed chef and TV personality spent 12 hours undergoing the revolutionizing transplant at The Alvi Armani Clinic in Beverly Hills, where he was photographed this week exiting out a back door wearing a surgical cap on his head.

“While his hair may not have been obviously receding, it had become an issue for him. Some will call it vanity – but to TV producers and Gordon it’s a pre-emptive action to stop him suddenly going on TV with obvious thinning. It’s better to act now than have countless pictures and comment scrutinizing his hairline in years to come.”

The procedure, called “Follicular Unit Extraction,” involves removing hair from parts of the scalp where it is abundant and inserting it into the areas where it is thinning. The surgery is performed under local anesthetic, leaves no scarring, and requires no stitches.

Ramsay has acknowledged having several other cosmetic procedures in the past year to improve his appearance on television.

He was fitted with porcelain veneers and had Botox injections in his chin on the advice of fellow Brit Simon Cowell.

“I’ve always had a face like Freddy Krueger but more people were commenting on my chin,” he said in an interview. “I was getting a complex.”

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