Jesse James got into news last week when there were reports in the media that his wife Sandra bullock was filling a suit to get a divorce. Jesse has now acknowledged the reports and said in an interview that he knew Sandra would know about everything sooner or later.

He said that he always wanted to get caught because he was sick of deceiving his wife. There were reports in the media that Jesse was engaged in relationships with many women and was even spotted in a late night party at the Cannes.

In the show “Nightline” which is to be telecasted on Tuesday, James told that he wanted to get caught and knew that his secret life would be revealed to the whole world. When he was asked why he hurt someone whom he considered as the most important person in his life, Jesse did not reply anything and soon fell into tears.

He said that he loves and cares about Sandra very much and she occupies an important part in his life. During the show Jesse also said about the role that he is going to play in the life of Louis, Sandra’s adopted son.

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