Kim Kardashian as a Gotti Girl? It could happen, Hollywood spies say!

Kardashian — who cut her acting chops in 2008′s Disaster Movie and a guest stint on CSI: NY — is the rumored frontrunner for the role of Kim Gotti, the wife of reputed Gambino mobster John Gotti Jr., in an upcoming biopic about the bloodthirsty crime family.

Kim, described as a quiet, rarely photographed Mob bride, has six children with her husband of 21 years — who escaped a lengthy stint behind bars after the government tried unsuccessfully to convict him on racketeering charges no less than three times.

John Travolta and James Franco are reportedly on board to play John Sr. and John Jr., respectively, in the Gotti flick, currently in pre-production.

All we need now is Snooki in the role of Victoria Gotti and this mess will have all the markings of a Lifetime Original Movie!

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