Lady Gaga’s Man is a Heartbreaking Cheat

Lady Gaga’s ex-boyfriend, Luc Carl, is causing the singer tons of pain and torment.  Grazia Magazine was first to report that the bartender who just went on holiday with Gaga in Texas, is still shacking up with his former girlfriend, despite recent photographs of Gaga and Luc making out poolside in Houston, Texas.

The on and off again couple have a tangled history surrounding drugs, trust issues, and twisted threesomes.  An insider dished to Grazia that Lady Gaga “only just got back together with Luc and now she’s frightened she’s going to lose him again because she simply can’t trust him.  She’s upset because this seems to make her the ‘other woman.’ ”

The “friend” also reported to the mag that Lady Gaga was so suspicious she ended up texting the other woman herself to get to the bottom of the issue.  The source revealed: “Luc’s ex told her they were still together.  She was so upset.  Luc had promised Gaga he’d treat her like a princess and all the hurt was in the past.  Gaga says it’s a matter of self-respect now and she may have to end it because she’s just not high enough on his list of priorities.  She worries that he’s just using her for her fame and money and it’s killing her inside.”

Lady Gaga and Luc first coupled over 5 years ago before the singer rose to fame.  They reportedly split when Lady Gaga overindulged her drug habit and hooked up with her then manager Rob Fusari.

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